"Together we can find 
         the right path for you."                

Manhattan psychiatrist, Dr. David Abramson, believes that everyone, no matter what sort of mental health challenges you're facing-- chronic stress, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Eating Disorders, Addictions-- deserves a competent, caring psychiatrist that can facilitate your wellness, allowing you to live the fulfilling life you’ve always wanted to-- the one to which each one of us is entitled.

-Warm, compassionate, personalized care

-Experienced psycho-pharmacologist specializing in medication management for ADHD (formerly known as 'ADD'), Depressive disorders, Anxiety disorders, Bipolar disorder and Eating disorders

-Absolute privacy: No insurance affiliation ensures your personal information remains just that; YOUR information

-Reimbursable as an out-of-network provider: check with your current insurer for details. Dr. Abramson is currently accepting only private-pay patients and is not currently taking new in-network (HMO) insurance patients.

-Established patients: to schedule an appointment simply click on the 'book now' button above and you will be provided with scheduling options for follow-up appointments. -FOR NEW PATIENTS/FIRST-TIME APPOINTMENTS:   Please Call the 212-330-7671 voicemail or email helen.dabramsonpsych@gmail.com for information regarding setting up an initial evaluation. The office manager will return your call within 24 hours.  The online booking system will automatically cancel new patient appointments not booked through our office staff. Thank you. 
PLEASE NOTE:  Per office policy,  MEDICATION REFILLS  for established patients are contingent upon scheduled follow-up appointments and except in the case of psychiatric emergencies, CANNOT BE PROVIDED OUTSIDE OF REGULARLY SCHEDULED FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENTS. Kindly refrain from calling or emailing the office regarding medication refills.

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